Wendy Williams Shades Lisa Vanderpump

September 10, 2019



After her ex-husband fucked around and got his mistress pregnant, my idol Wendy Williams is finally getting her life back with her new celebrity friends, her Wendy in the City apartment and her iconically shady opinions. 


During her recent appearance on WWHL, a fan asked about Lisa Vanderpump leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the talk show Queen gave it to us straight. Wendy initially answered the question with a shady "who?" which is the number one way to throw shade at a bitch you don't like. She went on to explain everybody is replaceable and said she doesn't care about LVC's departure.


Wendy said:


“Who? The thing is that I love Lisa Vanderpump but these Housewives, people don’t understand, me, you, everybody is replaceable and I think that Camille Grammer has come in and put the hammer down. I think that Lisa Rinna is a formidable opponent. Lisa Vanderpump, I don’t care."


Wendy is 100% right. Every single Housewife is replaceable so they need to keep doing their job if they want to keep getting their paycheck. A Housewives franchise isn't going to die because one person isn't there.


Yes, I'm depressed Bethenny Frankel won't be on the show anymore because she brings something to the table but New York with SURVIVE. So will Beverly Hills for that matter, it was boring with LVC on the show and it will probably be boring without her. 


Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!


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