Shade of the Week: The Giudices

July 5, 2018

These two are shade of the decade. 


After becoming the first husband and wife Housewives couple to head to prison, it looks like they also may be the first to be deported from the country as well. Last week it was reported the government had begun the process of deportation for Joe Giudice and his sleazy lawyer is now trying to appeal the sentence. Juicy Joe was born in Italy but migrated to America when he was a baby, so technically he’s not an American citizen and if you’re a foreigner who commits crimes in the United States then you’ll most likely be shipped back to your homeland. 


As much as I believe in justice this is a little over the top. Yes, he did fraud people for his own gain. Yes, it was wrong. But it’s not like Italy is his home. His life is in America and his four daughters are here as well and when you’re deported you can’t ever come back again, so it seems a little unfair that after nearly five decades in this country he has to be sent across the world with no possibility to return. And if he was always going to be deported couldn’t they have done it BEFORE he spent three years in our prison system and lived off our tax paying dollars? It costs A LOT for a prisoner to live so why did they waste that money on him when he could have gone to an Italian prison and lived off their public’s money. If you’re going to deport him, deport him, but couldn’t they have thought this through? 


Not to play devil's advocate but it seems a little melodramatic of the government to go to such extreme measures to get rid of him when he’s (basically) an American citizen and didn’t commit a violent crime. If he was a serial killer or rapist I’d totally understand the need for deportation but it’s just a white collar crime, which is the classiest of crimes. The reason why I think it’s unfair on Joe is only because he won’t be able to see his daughters. Come on guys, there is NO WAY that Teresa is going to leave her McMansion, move across the Atlantic and live in their families village in the mountains that they visited in season two. It’s just not going to happen. 


For years in interviews and reunions, Teresa has been asked what would happen if her husband was, in fact, to be deported following his sentence which has been met with a slew of responses from infamously storming out of that Access Hollywood interview to saying she likes Italian food at the season eight reunion.

Obviously, both of them wanted to act like it wasn’t going to happen but it is. I bet they wish they didn’t vote for Trump now but maybe Tre can pull a Kim K and visit him in the White House to try and get her husband to stay on US soil. 


However, Tre probably doesn’t care if he goes. She’s been done with him and his fraudulent ways ever since he got locked up - and that’s the REAL tea! Before he went away he was a lowkey alcoholic and a massive asshole and since he's been gone all Teresa has done is talk trash about him and blame him for all their legal issues when we all know she had some idea of what was going on. She’s not that dumb, you don’t buy everything in cash and build a massive mansion when your man doesn’t have a job. You can see how disinterested she is in him and doesn’t even visit him in prison anymore but she keeps dodging the divorce subject. Teresa is probably dreading when he gets out/deported because then she’ll have to face an issue that’s been sitting in a cell these past few years and will have to divorce him. 


I’m all for a divorce storyline. It will make Teresa finally be honest about her marriage and who doesn’t want to see her start dating if she hasn’t already according to Kim D’s streets. That is if the show gets to season ten because the ninth one just wrapped filming and Tre’s prison storyline isn’t enough to drive the show like it used to. The deportation is sad for the girls but maybe they can spend summers in Italy with him, who wouldn’t want that? You can eat pasta AND get a killer tan. Although I don’t agree with him being deported: if you can’t do the time then you really shouldn’t do the crime.


Sorry Juicy! 


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