NEW JEN HARLEY ARREST DETAILS! How Ronnie's Ex Dragged Him With A Car

June 25, 2018

This is one hell of a story!


We previously reported that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's ex was arrested for domestic battery and held at $3,000 bail after she beat him up and dragged him with a car but now he finally have the tea on how this messy situation unfolded, because we were all thinking: what the actual fuck. 


Us Weekly finally found a messy source to tell them the story and it allegedly goes like this. The couple were at a BBQ on Sunday and started arguing when they drove home as their daughter Ariana sat in the back. Apparently Jen Harley hit him in the face and he asked her to pull over and let him out of the car. She did so, but Ronnie's seatbelt got caught and she kept driving, dragging him along the road.


Here is ALL the piping hot TEA that the source was spilling:


“Jen hit Ronnie in the face during the argument, and he asked [her to] pull over and let him out of the car,” the source tells Us. “She stopped, and Ronnie tried getting out and got caught in his seatbelt. Jen started driving away, dragging Ronnie. Ariana was in the car at the time in the back seat. … Ronnie’s face was bloodied and bruised, and he’s got a nasty road rash.”


Holy fucking shit. I wonder how long she dragged him for?! It sounds like it could have been an accident on her part but you never know. 


Following the incident Jen allegedly called a friend to take Ariana away from the scene so that she wasn't there when she got arrested. That's one benefit, I guess? Speaking of her arrest, TMZ got a hold of her (latest) mugshot:

Jersey Shore wasn't filming on this Sunday, so this scene will not be featured on the show but you can bet it'll be a key storyline!


What do you think? Sound off in the comments!


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