Shade of the Week: Tristan Thompson

April 12, 2018

Tristan Thompson is probably the most hated person on the face of this planet right now, so I feel like I would be doing all of you a disservice by not shading the hell out of his cheating ass!


When the story broke I didn't believe it and assumed it was just a rumour, however when I saw the VIDEO FOOTAGE of him kissing a girl, taking her back to his hotel AND making out and motor boating two girls at a hookah lounge in OCTOBER last year, I couldn't not believe the tea. I mean we got major receipts that proved his cheating ways and there's no way that we can deny it.


It would be one thing if Tristan was drunk at a club and his lips "accidentally" rubbed up against another girl one time, but there are TWO separate incidents, that we know about. It's not the temptation of young girls that is the bad thing, it's the deception. Tristan is a serial cheater and was actively messaging girls and filming himself having sex with these girls while his pregnant girlfriend was sitting at home planning to give birth to their baby any day now. I'd love to say that this is unusual behavior, but we all know that Tristan was fucking Khloe before his other son was even born. I get that he's black and naturally has a long dick, but it's not that long that he can't keep in in his pants. There is no excuse for being a downright, dirty cunt.


He is an NBA player and travels all the time, so you can bet that he is eating THOT pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That is the part I don't understand. Every hoe in America's goal is to be a Kardashian. The Kardashians are basically the top level of THOTness you can achieve, so why is he running around getting with all these bootleg Kardashians when HE HAS AN ACTUAL KARDASHIAN?! 


And can we talk about the hoe that he chose? Cheaters need to listen the fuck up, if you are a celebrity going to cheat, do it right. Don't pick a thirsty bitch that will spill all your tea and leak a sex tape of you to try and get a come up off your dick. This world is full of thirsty bitches and the best way not to be exposed by one is not to cheat. It's really not that hard. His side hoe that goes by ms_stephaniee_ (her account has been deleted by Instagram) wasn't even smart enough to make money off their alleged sex tape from blackmailing Tristan or selling it to TMZ. She just posted it to her own Instagram. What kind of a whore does that? I'm guessing not a very smart one because if you are going to be a professional video hoe and full time THOT, then you need to know how to make money off of every situation.  At least Blac Chyna was smart enough to swindle the fuck out of the Kardashian family. Damn, I never thought I'd be using Blac Chyna and smart in the same sentence. 


This cheating scandal is so maddening because it's just so fucking sad. We met Khloe Kardashian and her family a little over ten years ago and we've followed her quest for love. First she was cheated on by her NBA boyfriend Rashad McCants in the early days of the show. Then we all remember her infamous marriage to Lamar Odom, another NBA star, who cheated on her non-stop and was hooked on drugs. She tried SO hard to make that marriage work and even after their split and the awful way that Lamar had treated her, Khloe still rushed to his bedside during his coma in Vegas. Khloe is a ride or die chick and the most down to earth Kardashian. 


Then after their divorce Khloe rebounded by dating James Harden (surprise) another NBA player who (surprise) cheated on her. Finally after years of heartache and everyone assuming that Khloe would be the childless aunt, she met Tristan, fell madly in love and got pregnant with his baby. She moved her entire life to Cleveland for him, doted on him 24/7 and made his life her life. It really was like a fairytale ending to Khloe's story, until 2 days ago when the world found out that he had been inside every hoe in America. He knew the struggle she has been through better than all of us and he STILL continued to slide in everywhere he could. I'd love to say that NBA players just shouldn't cheat but I think after being cheated on several times Khloe needs to start dating men that aren't rappers or basketball players.


The streets are now saying that Lamar is open to rekindling his relationship with Khloe following this cheating scandal and that's probably the second dumbest thing she could do, behind becoming a meth head. Actually maybe meth would be a better choice than Lamar, because he did exactly the same thing that Tristan did. 


We all know that Tristan is a garbage human being and this cheating scandal is going to be linked to him for the rest of his tabloid life. Many people don't like the Kardashians which is understandable but I feel like Khloe is the one Kardashian that everyone has a soft spot for. From the beginning she was the funny, real and relatable one that we could all see ourselves in. Khloe was ours and to see her be treated in such a despicable way is a lot more sad that had it been Kourtney or Kim


Let's just hope that Khloe safely welcomes her baby girl into the world without anymore stress, because that is definitely not something that she needs right now. And Tristan, everyone is going to be looking at you with the side eye for a LOOONG time! Karma is a bitch and I have a feeling like she's going to be knocking on Tristan's door very soon!


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