Angelina Jolie Is Using Her Kids To Hurt Brad After He Moved On With His New Royal Girlfriend!

November 15, 2017

Brad Pitt just can’t catch a break. 


Word on the street is that Angelina Jolie is using the only leverage she has against Brad to hurt him, their children. Sources are saying that Ang was enraged when she found out that he had moved on with Charlotte Casiraghi, the Princess of Monaco and she wanted to hit him where it hurts. 


Angelina is still hurt by Brad’s alcoholic ways and the bad behaviour that broke up their marriage, so she is extremely jealous and upset that Brad is in a new relationship before she is. To get back at her estranged ex she is limiting the time that Brad can see his six kids and she is allegedly making sure that they can’t contact him either. 


Brad has been to rehab and changed his ways. Sources are saying that with his new outlook on life, he has decided to sit back and let Angelina have her way because he knows if he retaliates she will turn the kids against him. 


Apparently Brad has made peace with the fact that he may not get to see his kids for the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been big traditions to Brad and it devastates him that Angelina is taking it away from him.


Brad’s recent sighting with his new boo at a recent event was the trigger that set Angelina all the way off. Sources are also claiming that Brad has been romantically involved with his new co star Ella Purnell. She starred as the young version of Maleficent and Brad cast her on the new show that he is producing, Sweetbitter.


Damn, it looks like Brad traded Ang in for an identical younger model. It must hurt Ang to see Brad living his new life but she can’t be bitter and use her dirty tricks to hurt him because she loses in the court of public opinion. Sorry boo! 


Who’s side are you on? Sound off in the comments! 


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