Shade of the Week: Tom D'Agostino

August 9, 2017

Do I even need to explain this weeks shade? Tom D'Agostino is a thirsty man and I am not giving him a drink of water!


Tom runs in the Upper East Side circles which makes sense how he knows these women. First he had a friends with benefits arrangement with Sonja Morgan for over 10 years! Then he went on several (the exact number is unknown) dates with Ramona Singer and then he started dating Luann - while we was still friends with benefits with Sonja! The mess!


It is so obvious that Tom is reaching for fame. Why else date 3 Real Housewives of New York and not tell the other ones you were dating them. Mmmm, very shady boots! Word on the street is that Tom couldn't adjust to married life and loved his playboy lifestyle. He cheated the day before their engagement party and I don't believe that he's ever stopped!


All the New York housewives had heard individual stories about different girls Tom had been with and his hot mic moments throughout the season have proved that he is not to be trusted. 


After his stint on the Housewives, I don't know how he could ever date another woman again. I mean how could any woman be willing to go out with him after they've seen his dirty laundry be displayed for the world to see. Also how can his business survive? Lets not forget Tom is a businessman, but who wants to take your business to someone who is Page Six's favourite cheater? 


Another thought - maybe Tom's dick really does shoot diamonds? I mean why else would all these Upper East Side divorcees be trying to get a piece of him. 


Bottom line is that Tom D'Agostino is as low as it gets, he is a sex crazed maniac that would probably fuck a dog if he had the chance! Lu deserves so much better than him and I just wish she would move back into the townhouse and create new music!


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